Way Fengshui x FarEastFlora.com Collaboration

Plants are great additions to adding life and colour to your living spaces! But did you know that they also play a role in terms of Fengshui?

Plants are an easy addition to bring positive energies to spaces, particularly the wood element which gives off vibrant chi, or vital energy for growth and action. Each plant also brings about different meanings, for example, the Anthurium plant with its heart-shaped leaves is known to bring luck in relationships whereas lucky bamboo symbolizes upward growth.

To enhance the positive properties of plants, we collaborated with Way Fengshui to bring you 8 meaningful products to further improve your life! Way Fengshui is Singapore’s largest professional Fengshui consultancy firm established in 1984 by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong. Each emblem is carefully crafted to improve different parts of your life in terms of wealth, career, health, luck, academics and relationships. There's definitely something for anyone who is looking to improve their Fengshui with products that are beneficial for each zodiac sign as well as for businesses and homes.