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3 Tips To “HUAT” This CNY!

From festive goodies, to lucky red packets and recreational bonding activities, we think its safe say that Chinese New Year (CNY) is the most important traditional festival for most ethnic Chinese. And if you are looking to increase your luck, fortune and health like most of us do, we’ve got you covered. Give in to tradition and superstition this year, and watch as you “huat” during gatherings this CNY and for the rest of the year, if you follow these few tips!

An Excuse To Shop

New year, new you. While it might be a cliche, it sort of is the mantra to adopt when it comes to CNY. To prepare for the celebrations, custom has it that you dress in new clothes, get a haircut, replace faulty items in the home, etc. - you get the drift. By dressing in new clothes and using new items, it signifies entering the new year with a fresh new outlook and leaving last year’s bad luck or misfortunes behind. So if you are looking for an excuse to shop, this would be the perfect reason!

Red, Yellow, Green And Blue

While its nice to get into the festive season with red and gold decorations around the home and office, don’t forget to include some color into your wardrobe! The more colors, the better. The reason for this intentional injection of color is to attract luck and positive energy. With that being said, it is best to shun away from dull colors like white or black as they are closely associated with mourning and death.

Just Relax!

Festivities are all about enjoying the moment and company of those around you, but sometimes, emotions can get in the way. Just remember, no screaming, scolding, arguing and most importantly, nothing negative should leave those lips during the first couple of days. Superstition has it that starting the new year on a joyous and happy note will set the tone for the rest of the year. Get the drift? So just breathe, let go and bask in the festivities!