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Posted by the learners who have entrusted their floral development with CreativeWorkz, below are some of their honest testimonials

I have only managed to attend a few advanced classes at Creativeworkz and have been very impressed with the way they were organised. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. Christina is a great teacher and happy to impart and share her in-depth knowledge.

After the sessions on structures, (all of the designs were greatly admired by husband and friends), I had the opportunity to use my new knowledge when visiting flower friends in India. While there I was asked to do a small demonstration at a flower event. I could not have contemplated doing this without the knowledge the course at Creativeworkz had given me. I can wholeheartedly recommend any flower enthusiast to sign on for the courses at any level.

Christiane - 18 Apr 2013

CreativeWorkz taught us the ability to design our own floral stands and various styles of hand bouquets, such as the Euro-Style compared to the traditional style we normally see in this trade.

I have since recommended people to attend the course from CreativeWorkz also because the duration and time of the course is suitable for working people like me.

I am able to do floral designs for occasions like Chinese New Year and Christmas Day for my working place now. It has also helped me on doing my sales and recommendations of flowers to various customers from both local and overseas. Customers do appreciate my knowledge of the elements and the principles of design as applied to floral artistry.

Last but not least. My warmest regards to Creativeworkz on imparting the professional skill to me in my florist journey.

Pat Tan – 19 Apr 2013

I had wanted a hobby, so i signed up for the course. Workshops was well conducted, and the teacher explained the techniques in the arrangement well. Yes I was impressed about the different flowers and leaves that can be used for an arrangement. How to bring them together to make a beautiful bouquet. My family is impressed everytime I bring home my bouquets. I even managed to do bouquets for 3 occassions and my friends was very pleased and yes I will definitely recommend to friends.

Joan P. - 22 Apr 2013

Overall I find this course satisfying and rewarding. I have learnt how to arrange cut flowers into a handtied bouquet with different wrapping styles. My sincere thanks to the trainer for being patient and helpful.

Cheng S A – 26 Apr 2013

I like the space and layout of the room, though small but conducive for the number of participants to interact, appreciate and consult. The course met its intend, the technique, creativity and materials used to create and educate within the 2-3 hours.

The know-how and reflection of the effort put into achieving the design and structure is satisfying.

The Wow! and ga..ga.. from family members and friends on seeing the pieces bought home is priceless. But they did not know the teacher have placed the final magic touch to the arrangement.

The course helps me to be inquisitive and critical of others work and making comparison of what was taught. On the positive note, I became appreciative of what I have gained this far.

Yes I will definitely recommend others to join Creativeworkz.

Lilian - 23 Apr 2013

The flower arrangements are quite unique and practical. Easy to understand with comprehensive step by step and Hands-on.. Good and clear guidance from the instructors. (Condusive environment with right location. (with Caldecott MRT Stn)

Better knowledge and different technique learnt to construct a good floral design. (Like to know more about the right use of other combined flowers).

Yes, the designs did impress my flowers lover friends and colleagues. Slow and steady to inject the liking of flower arrangements into my family members who commented a flower arrangement is always pretty when is paid, but do not have any in-depth and real appreciation of the individual design itself. (especially the Male)

Definitely, we learn the proper skills and therefore when we look at other arrangements we can spot the differences at once.(after learning the skill at Creativeworkz). Arrange flowers on festive occasions (CNY and Christmas) , personal gifts to friends (thank you, birthdays, congratulations and speedy recovery) anniversaries and parents’ day. It is indeed very pleasing and satisfying after each design done. ( I am not very confident in the outlook of the presentation made by me and can be an expensive affairs but after going throuh the pace with Christina I did progress)

Liz O - 20 May 2013

I had so much fun and learned so much at my first CreativeWorkz workshop that I signed up immediately for more classes and a course as well! Christina is incredibly generous with her knowledge, experience and insights. I'd definitely recommend a workshop or course to anyone including complete novice hobbyists like me -- who is interested in gaining a deeper appreciation of flowers and who wants to pick up knowledge and skills you can't get from just reading or even watching YouTube videos.

Simone C. – 28 May 2013

I have been attending classes at Creativeworkz for about 3 years and still keeps attending because what's impress me is Creativewokz always keep on churning something new and impressive workshop for us. Without fail after the course there's always some new ideas and knowledge that imparted to us especially the understanding of the principle and element of flower arrangement. For example the color scheme and the form of floral arrangement. Creativeworkz also go beyond by imparting to us structural work using materials to create and letting the students freely design their own floral arrangement on it.

The workpiece design we bring home really impress my family,friends and have been put to good use. I could confidently take in assignment like bridal bouquet, wedding car and centerpiece arrangement for wedding and occasions which we have learnt.

Yes I will definitely recommend my friends to join Creativewokz and all Thanks to our wonderful instructor Christina Pang.Keep up the good work!

Suzie C. - 27 May 2013